INTERVIEW: Astral Noize

““It is definitely a war song,” says Sgah’gahsowáh, the artist behind Blackbraid. He’s referring to the project’s new single ‘Barefoot Ghost Dance on Blood Soaked Soil’, and that sense of war-like brutality is certainly apparent in the track, the guitars swirling chaotically at breakneck paces. But for all its ferocity, it is at its heart a mournful and despairing song, the grim melody cutting through to a poignant heart that’s distilled in the pained vocals. Both the anger and the sorrow are more than warranted – the track directly deals with the suffering and genocide suffered by indigenous people in America. Black metal has long been a means of expression, and it’s often inspired by the land in which it is birthed. For Blackbraid that means finding meaning in the natural landscape of the Adirondack wilderness, whilst also reflecting on the atrocities that took place in that same country.

In just two singles, Blackbraid has managed to capture the attention of many, with excitement for an impending full-length already ramping up. So to learn more about the project, the person behind it and what we can expect going forward, we had a chat with Sgah’gahsowáh….”

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